Ruffles All Dressed Flavored Potato Chips 8 oz

Ruffles have rrridges! All dressed no. 1 flavor in Canada. What does All dressed mean? Find out on back! I bet you're wondering what All dressed means. After all, in America it just means you're wearing all your clothes. But, in Canada All dressed actually means delicious ridgy chips that somehow taste salty, savory & sweet all at the same time. Sounds good, eh? Because when you have ridges, the crunches are crunchier, the dipping strength multiplies, and your chips become Ruffles. Guaranteed fresh until printed date or this snack's on us. Questions or comments? 1-800-352-4477. Mon-Fri 9:00am to 4:30pm CT / email or chat at SmartLabel: Scan for more food information or call 1-800-352-4477. Can't get enough ridges? Go to