Quaker Instant Grits, Original 10 ea

Same delicious taste. Ready in 2 mins. Est 1877. Toppings added as serving suggestion. Delicious anytime. Our grits make a great addition to any meal! Enjoy one of our many delicious flavors, or mix things up and try adding your own grits topper your family will love - from savory butter, shredded cheese, green onions, or shrimp, to sweet cream, honey or sugar. Give them the flavors they love. Cheesy, original, butter or spicy - Quaker Instant Grits has the perfect taste for every occasion. Simply the best quality. Quaker has set the standard in Grits for over 100 years. Only Quaker Instant Grits can help your family continue the tradition with easy to prepare, smooth and creamy Grits. Please note: Tiny dark specks occasionally found in our grits are naturally occurring in the corn we use in this product and do not affect the taste or texture.