La Tourangelle Regenerative Sunflower Oil 16.9 oz

Limited Edition Contains an average of 10 g of Omega 9 per serving. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by CCOF. Non GMO Project verified. Artisan made. High-oleic, neutral flavor. Saute. Fry. Grill. Regenerative cooking oil: at La Tourangelle we bring our family's expertise and craftsmanship to oil-making, using traditional French techniques to produce delicious artisan oils in California. We also believe that the way we farm & eat can bring meaningful change and we strive to be part of the solution. The sunflowers used to make our organic regenerative sunflower oil are grown in meridian, California strictly following regenerative farming practices which aims to build healthy soil, capture carbon dioxide and eventually yield more nutritious food. Once Expeller pressed in our woodland artisan mill, the oil is organically refined to yield a high temperature nature-friendly cooking oil. Did you know? Material made of tin can be recycled infinite times without losing quality or volume. Tin cans are much lighter than their heavy glass counterparts. Learn more at BPA free. Please recycle. Product of USA.