Xochitl White Corn Chips, The Dipper 12 oz

So cheel. No preservatives. At Xochitl, our mission has always been to provide the finest products and flavors made from authentic ancient recipes. This is why, after many requests from our loyal customers, we are proud to introduce The Dipper. We worked tirelessly to find the perfect ratio of thickness to crispiness so that we can provide you with the optimal dipping experience. We care for our customers and their families which is why we use the highest quality ingredients and non-hydrogenated oils. Xo strong. Xo crisp. Xo good. Xochitl. Xochitl means flower in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs. Taste and enjoy the tradition! We've heard your pleas for a strong and hearty chip with the same delicious Xochitl taste you love, and we are proud to present, The Dipper! We worked tirelessly to find the perfect balance of thickness and crispiness to give our loyal customers a truly satisfying dipping experience!