Cape Cod Potato Chips, Original, Kettle Cooked 8 oz

Cape Cod Original Kettle Chips are made with the pure taste of potato, with robust flavor and distinctive crunch. We take choice potatoes and slice them perfectly. Then, they’re cooked, one batch at a time, in custom kettles. Doing so at precisely at the right temperature allows them to reach a golden-amber hue. The unique shapes and folds mean one-of-a-kind chips, but with the same flavor and wonderful Cape Cod crunch. These delicious chips make a perfect lunchtime side but are just as flavorful right out of the 8-ounce bag. They’re an anytime snack that’s sure to satisfy. Our potato chips are known for their high quality and remarkable flavor, so be sure to try all the traditional and unique varieties. Every distinctive chip feels like an invitation to come savor what's special about Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Chips.