Cheez-It Baked Cheese Snack Crunch'D Hot & Spicy

Cheez-It Baked Hot & Spicy Crunch'D Cheese Snack. New. The puffed up crunch you'll love to munch! Made with, made in U.S.A, Mc. Ilhenny Co, Tabasco, Brand. Made with 100% real cheese. Tabasco is a registered trademark for sauces and other goods and services; Tabasco, the Tabasco bottle design and label designs are the exclusive property of and licensed by McIlhenny Company, Avery Island, Louisiana USA 70513. Also try: New, Cheez-It, Crunch'D, the puffed up crunch you'll love to munch! made with 100% real cheese, cheddar cheese. Composite- bag. Sunshine Cheez-It Crunch'D. Crunchy puffy and still 100% Cheez-It. It's everything you love about a Cheez-It now puffed up and ready to crunch. Get snacking and enjoy 100% real cheese baked into every bite! Give us your feedback. Tell us what you think. Talk to us. And learn more about other new products. Questions or comments Call: 1-877-453-5837. Visit: , , 2014 Kellogg NA Co.