Ferrara Cannoli Shells, Traditional

We supply the shells. Fill them with Cannoli cream, custard, ice cream, pudding, whipped cream, frozen yogurt - it's heavenly! Fine Italian confectionary & specialty products since 1892. Just add the filling of your choice. A Legacy of Quality: Producer and importer of over 200 superb Italian specialties, Ferrara dates its origins to 1892 when Cafe Ferrara first opened its doors for opera lovers seeking like-minded company and refreshment. (Caruso especially loved the cookies). Owned by the family and founder Antonio Ferrara and renowned for old world ambiance, this landmark cafe located in the heart of New York City's Little Italy still serves delectable pastries with freshly ground Italian coffees - and its legacy of quality, freshness and customer service continues to flourish in the exceptional product of the Ferrara brand name. 6 Cannoli shells - add the filling of your choice: Cannoli cream, ice cream, frozen yogurt, custard or pudding. www.ferrarabrand.com. Made in USA.