Trappey's® Pineapple Fruit Hot Sauce 6 fl. oz. Bottle

Sweet n' spicy! Just 'cause you're Hot doesn't mean you can't be Sweet! Trappey's Fruit hot sauces deliver the Flavor you crave. Questions or comments? Visit us at or call 800-813-1856. Product of Colombia. Just ‘cause you're hot doesn't mean you can’t be sweet! Trappey’s fruit hot sauces deliver the flavor you crave, marrying just the right pack of spicy punch with delightful hints of sweet. Enjoy whisked into salad dressings, salsas or meat marinades, or simply drizzle over your morning eggs or favorite grilled fish for a powerful yet sweet taste of heat.; The Trappey’s brand, which was introduced in 1898, has a Louisiana heritage. Trappey’s products fall into two major categories--high quality peppers and hot sauces, including Trappey’s Red Devil. Trappey’s peppers are never cooked, but are cold packed in distilled vinegar to retain the pepper’s color, freshness, and crispiness, and the color-coded lids and labels make it easy for you to choose your favorite hot or mild pepper.; A spicy laugh is a happy life. Spice up any meal with Trappey's pepper sauces, one of the oldest hot sauce brands in the U.S. Did you know that peppers contain an ingredient that can actually make you feel better? It's no wonder that peppers can actually be habit-forming!