Reeds Ginger Brew, Extra, Light

Non-alcoholic. 55 calories. Out of passion for ginger we have revived a unique ginger ale (beer) brewing process that predates modern soft drink technology. Our ginger ales have won numerous gourmet awards and have been the top selling non-alcoholic beverages in natural and gourmet food stores nationwide for years. In many cultures, ginger is believed to be an excellent digestive aid, motion sickness cure and general all around tonic root. The recipe is from the Caribbean where the art of home brewing ginger ale (or ginger beer as it is called there) is still practiced. Our recipe uses the finest fresh ginger root (26 grams per bottle), exotic spices, honey, pineapple, and lemon and lime juices. To get a 55 calorie version of our famous Reed's Extra Ginger Brew, we replaced some of the sweetener used in our original recipe with an all natural, zero calorie sweetener, Stevia. Visit us at: