Dan & Emilios Salsa, Medium

A gluten free product. Slow roasted. We're two Hombres from South Texas with a deep passion for all things Tex-Mex. We've been cooking together, eating together and comparing notes since 1982. It's as much art as it is science-and we're never really done tinkering-but we'd like to think our recipes are pretty close to perfect by now. There's just no substitute for the flavor of slow roasted vegetables. We consider the pursuit of the absolute best roasted Tex-Mex salsa to be our holy grail. We roasted fresh jalapenos, fresh onions and tomatoes over an open flame. And we do it just as slow as we can. We mean really slow. Trust us, it's better that way. - Dan & Emilio Experts on both Tex & Mex. For additional Info: www.dan-emiliostexmex.com.