Land O Lakes Whipping Cream, Heavy, Rich & Creamy 1 qt

Sweet or Savory? Whatever you’re in the mood for, Land O Lakes Heavy Whipping Cream is here to take every dish to the next level. Enjoy a rich and creamy experience when you add our heavy cream into your favorite dessert, soups, and more. We believe in making dairy products simply with no preservatives. That’s why you can trust every dollop of our heavy whipping cream to be rich and creamy. The LAND O LAKES Brand name is used under license from Land O’Lakes, Inc. Taste the goodness and simple deliciousness that Land O Lakes products have been bringing to your home since 1921. Just sit back and taste the difference in every sip, splash, dollop, and bite. And as a cooperative of farmer-owners, you know quality comes first. That’s what the Land O Lakes brand represents.