Vital Farms Eggs, Organic, Pasture Raised, Large 12 ea

At Vital Farms, we raise our hens to the highest humane and ethical farming standards, in a way that's also better for our farmers and kind to the earth. Regular rotation keeps the pastures healthy and covered in fresh grass, so we never need to use harmful chemicals on any of our farms, and that means our girls get to enjoy a naturally varied diet year round. We know that's a difference you'll be able to taste! Tended by hand on small family farms. Our Girls get 108ft2 of pasture each to roam and forage. And we think that's a big deal!How big? Well, if this whole area represents that 108ft2, then this little hole (just over 11/2ft2) would have four caged hens crammed into it, and would be a third more than a cage-free hen gets (and remember, she never gets to play outside). No wonder we think other eggs pale in comparison! Girls on Grass, Free to Forage Certified Humane Raised & Handled* Pasture-Raised Standard 108 ft2 Outdoor Space per Bird