Full Circle Market Eggs, Brown, Cage Free, Large 12 ea

Why buy full circle cage free eggs? Healthy hens produce the best eggs. All eggs are produced by cage free hens that have plenty of room to roam because you have a choice. Our hens have a home on farms where eggmen care about the chickens they tend to. Our hens are fed an all vegetarian grain diet that is free from animal by-products. With these pure Ingredients, your family can enjoy our great tasting, natural eggs with confidence. And, above all, full circle cage free eggs taste really good! Come full circle. Return to a natural way of living. Produced without the use of animal by-products or added growth hormones. Made with renewable resources derived from corn*. *The egg carton is made of annually renewable resources derived from corn instead of petroleum based components which are not sustainable. Full circle is committed to reducing the amount of dioxin created by manufacturing, and to producing products that are safe and environmentally responsible. Cage free hens.