Meiomi Chardonnay White Wine, 750 mL Bottle

Unifying grapes from California's most notable wine growing regions, our chardonnay vineyards offer the true expression of their respective appellations. Carefully blended to achieve balance, complexity and richness of flavor. With a soft hand in the cellar and gentle winemaking techniques, the wine evolves into an elegant balance of spice and fruit, weight and restraint. Meiomi (May-oh-mee), meaning coast, truly symbolizes the origin of this chardonnay, which embodies the characters of California's most notable wine growing regions. Smooth, opulent layers of stone fruit and hints of citrus and apple are heightened by sweet smells of ripe tropical fruit, honey and baking spices. The full flavors are highlighted by minerality and juiciness in the palate and a rich, plush finish. The wines are carefully crafted so that these characteristics continue to enhance and build on each other for an evocative and memorable chardonnay.