Rickshaw Pinot Noir, 2012

Rickshaw wines. Est. 2010 in California. Rickshaw Pinot Noir is chosen from cool climate sites along the rocky California coast, where fog filled vineyards seemingly raise straight out of the Pacific Ocean. Elegance and grace personify the Rickshaw Pinot Noir, with soft scents of rose petals, fresh Rainer cherries, and just-picked wild raspberries. Rickshaw Wines: Dedicated the relentless pursuit of wine of elegance, purity, and sophistication at prices that rarely reflect these characteristics. We are equally dedicated to helping carry our fellow man, thus the name. 5% of all profits will be donated to food based charities in the state where the wine is sold. www.rickshawwines.com. Alc 13.5% by vol. Vinted and bottled by Banshee Wines. Napa, CA.