Elsa Bianchi Malbec, Mendoza, 2013

Our hand picked grapes at vineyards adjacent to the Andes, create the best expression of Argentina. Red wine. This unique Malbec was created by our expert winemakers, who harvest selected grapes from vines that have produced consistent, high-quality yields year after year. Elsa Bianchi varietals have been carefully vinified, with each bottle achieving the special character for which these wines are now known. Description: The classic Malbec aromas of ripe plum and violets are evident in the nose, with hints of vanilla. The Malbec in Argentina is its ability to combine a rich weighty mouth-feel with a soft silkiness. This wine impresses, with pleasing fruit that mimics the aromas. 60.8 degrees F - 64.8 degrees F. Produced and Bottled by: Valentin Bianchi S.A.C.I.F, Est K-72391. www.quintessentialwines.com. 14.1% alc. by vol. Product of Argentina.