Jewelry Box Red Blend, California, 2013

Robust facets. Luscious fruit. Plush finish. Our Red Blend marries Merlot, petite Sirah and Zinfandel to create lush facets of ripe cherries, juicy blueberries and mocha with a plush, lingering finish. 1 cask equals 20 - 5 oz glasses of wine. Our Promise: Luxury wine was exclusively found in a bottle, until now. The secret? Jewelry Box offers artisan wines from the sun-drenched vineyards of California's central coast with rich flavors winemakers covet for their own cellars. Unlock twenty glasses of exquisite wine in every cask. Our proprietary packaging keeps the wine perfectly delicious for six weeks after opening, giving you permission to indulge at your leisure. Alc. 13.5% by volume. Vinted and bottled by Jewelry Box Wines, Ripon, CA.