Red wine. The magnificent one. In then stony feets of The Andes, where the sky is heated and the sun is spirited, the landscape seems infinite. Even time wales tired, slower, like waiting for someone to push it to move forward. In the place where strength becomes a condition, where the temperament expels the weakness. We find it. It is always standing in the middle of its soul, which is its land. It is standing to get the energy, water and nutrients from the deepest part of its kingdom. It is waiting to get the love of a world that granted its fate as king. And that king is generous, wise and eternal. It is the king, the almighty sovereign of the vines, the magnificent one. 65 degrees F. 100% Malbec, Red Wine. Alc 13.5% by vol. Produced and bottled by Inv N degrees A-70427. N degrees Exp. A-88108. Product of Argentina.