Salem Baking Cookies, Moravian, Artisan Blend Chocolate, Dipped in Chocolate

All natural. More than 30 delicious cookies. Only 31 calories each. Chocolate is calling to you: You think about it after writing an email, during a commercial break and while cooking dinner. You try and pretend that its siren song isn't something you can hear. But sometimes chocolate just can't be denied, and why should it? Our Artisan Blend Chocolate Moravian Cookie is now dipped in - you guessed it, a rich artisan chocolate. It gives our wafer thin cookie an irresistible taste that will keep you coming back for more. These decadent cookies are perfect for entertaining or serving alongside your favorite ice cream. Go ahead and answer chocolate's call - it's not naughty, it just tastes that way. Inspired by a centuries old Eastern European recipe, our classic Moravian Cookies are best known for their whisper thin, hand-crafted style and long beloved for their exotic ingredients and vivid flavor. Salem Baking Company's artisan baking heritage dates back to 1930. At our bakery located in the foothills of North Carolina, we specialize in time honored recipes and distinctive products which are baked in the homemade tradition using the finest, all natural ingredients from around the world. Recyclable.