Bunny Hamburger Buns 8 ea

Bunny Bread® Sliced White Bread Hamburger Buns are tasty, classic buns perfect for juicy hamburgers, pulled pork and all your sandwich needs. Each soft, fluffy white bread bun is saturated fat-free and cholesterol-free. Since 1947 Bunny Bread has been a favorite of all ages. Bunny buns are the perfect choice for your next cookout, picnic or camping trip. Bunny Bread Sliced White Bread Hamburger Buns are the buns you can count on to provide you with soft texture and great taste. Bunny Bread was born in Anna, IL in 1947. The original operation involved daily deliveries to nearby homes using Ford Model T trucks and eventually expanded into a major regional bakery. Bunny Bread is synonymous with delicious baked bread and buns. A family brand that's more than incredible baked goods, Bunny Bread is a beloved brand that has been cherished for generations. That's What I Said...Bunny Bread!