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    cheribundi® Tart Cherry Juice Light. The cherry people®. Take the 7-day challenge! Improved sleep, better pain management and faster workout recovery in just seven days - or your money back! 40 Cherries in every bottle. 4 - 8 fl oz (240 ml). As a kind of fair warning, we'd like to tell you exactly why this bottle is labeled "Light". It's not because it is light on the good-for-you stuff; it's chock full of phytonutrients and vitamins. And it's not light on taste; we pack in 40 tart cherries. We just manage to do it without adding any unnecessary sugar and with 1/3 less calories than our original juice. Which means that you'll feel "light" while still getting all the greatness you need. Go to our website to find all the benefits one little cherry can bring. Grown in the USA - Cherries. Non-GMO. Gluten free. 65% Juice. Not from concentrate. No preservatives. Who knew Did you know that tart cherry juice helps combat pain, accelerate athletic recovery and improve sleep Put it to the test by visiting and taking the 7-day challenge. If you don't notice a difference after the seventh day, we'll send your money back, guaranteed.






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